Earning money with USPA News - how does it work?

There's no magic behind making good money with USPA News using your own articles. First, you need a Google account, which you will use to create a Google AdSense account. You can do so easily by following this link: https://www.google.com/adsense/v3/signup?utm_content=nsufv1

If you have any questions regarding Google accounts, please contact Google directly. Due to capacity limitations, USPA News is unable to provide support on this matter.

Here's a brief overview of how it works:

  • Register with Google AdSense
  • Wait for activation of your account (1-2 days)
  • Enter your Google AdSense publisher ID under "Personal data" on the USPA News website
  • Earn money

Any income from advertising revenues will be transferred to your account, which you will specify with Google. The website will only feature select banners that correspond to the subject matters treated in your articles.

You may start earning money as a publisher immediately. However, everything takes time. Please don't expect to be earning thousands of dollars or euros within the first month. The more articles you publish through USPA News, the more money you make.

We believe in the Google AdSense model - and we're certain you will, too!  Let us explain to you how it all works:

Google - partner of the world's largest and most successful Internet marketing system

Google AdSense offers all web publishers a simple yet very effective opportunity to add advertising to their own websites. The automatically generated text and image ads are tailored to each website and its content. The reason is obvious: Readers who see ads about the same or a similar subject matter are more inclined to click on them because they are interested in this particular topic. If the ad contained content of a different subject matter, it would not be effective. For you, this means: You invest minimal time and no money yet earn additional advertising revenues.

The above-mentioned publisher ID generates text or banner ads on your site, which show up in the place where you embedded your ID. However, there are a few guidelines you have to follow. The reader must always be aware that he or she is looking at an ad. For this reason, the ads are combined into a block and marked as "Google ads."

You must add your publisher ID under "Personal data" on the USPA News website.  The ads you see there are booked by advertisers within the Google AdWords network. If advertisers don't want their ads to be limited to the Google search results page, AdWords gives them the additional option to place their ads on external websites - tailored to websites that treat related topics.

Such ads are also known as context-sensitive ads, since they relate to the content of the site on which they appear. This guarantees added value for people who visit the website. If a visitor clicks on an ad, he or she will receive additional information about the topic of interest. This is where you, the publisher, make money.

How much you earn per click depends on the topic. There are topics that generate a few cents per click, while others may generate several dollars. Credit and insurance-related topics pay very well, which explains the large number of websites focusing on these subject matters.  Such sites are often created for the sole purpose of generating income through AdSense.

AdSense becomes profitable once you have established a regular readership and the number of visitors to your site is growing continuously. The website where ads are supposed to appear must be specified during the AdSense registration process. Ads are then placed using a code that's embedded in this website.

Click fraud and advertisement

Google strives to bring on only reputable partners.  Thus, websites containing right-wing or pornographic content are not permitted. Compliance with its terms and conditions of business is mandatory. One topic worth mentioning in this context is click fraud. You must never click on the ads on your own website or ask your friends to do so for you. This is not permitted! Google uses strict control mechanisms. If irregularities are noticed, the account will be terminated and any earnings that haven't been disbursed yet will be returned to the advertiser.

If USPA News becomes aware of click fraud or a violation of these rules, it reserves the right to revoke the reporter's access to its websites with immediate effect.




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